R&D prowess is the cornerstone of Vertex Chemicals, ever since its inception. From the first day, we have invested in state-of-the-art laboratory equipment to deliver the excellence in construction chemicals to the construction industry of Pakistan.

We are proud to boast the most advanced construction chemicals laboratory in the country, capable of performing over 55 different tests, as per international standards, with the utmost precision. On top of superior product development capabilities, this gives us the ability to test all parameters of every batch produced.

On top of R&D, Vertex Chemicals has invested in the best production machines and processes to ensure that quality is delivered in the most cost-effective manner. Our production facility comprises of over 40 production machines, capable of producing over 200MT per day across various products.

Furthermore, investing in vertical integration across various products has allowed us to have greater control over our finished goods. We believe that it is our advanced in-house production that gives us an edge over our competitors by delivering unparalleled quality, flexibility and cost benefits. From admixtures to joint sealants and waterproofing, you can expect the highest quality, delivered consistently.

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