Our relationship with Shaukat Khanum Hospital Lahore goes long way back and the work ranges from Waterproofing, Repairing on concrete and brickwork, PU flooring etc.

Project Requirements

For this particular project, there were two primary requirements: 

  1. Hygienic flooring for the clean hospital areas for easy maintenance. 
  2. Roof waterproofing

In addition to these requirements, there was plenty of repair work needed. Our team worked with the client on an ad-hoc basis and suggested bespoke solutions for various needs as they arose.

Proposed Solution

Being the most highly advanced, state-of-the-art cancer treating facility in the country, Shaukat Khanam wanted a solution that helped them create a hygienic, safe, and attractive environment for their patients and staff, while meeting the requisites of international hygiene certifications. Furthermore, being a huge hospital, with very high foot and trolley traffic, it was important to ensure that the floor was easy to clean and maintain, with high service life to ensure little to no down time. Our team suggested the use of PUCRETE MF floor, applied to a thickness level of 5mm. This is a 3K cementitious PolyUrethane hybrid self-level screed floor and exhibits high abrasion resistance, coupled with certified anti-microbial properties. This made it fit for any hygienic area.

One challenge our team came across was that the existing floor was tiled. While tiled floors provide a reasonably levelled substrate to work on, the integrity of the resin floor applied on top is directly dependent on the quality of bonding of the tiles with the concrete floor. A single poorly bonded tile can tarnish the entire resin floor. Our team carefully inspected the entire area to ensure that no patch of the tiled floor is poorly bonded. All areas marked were then removed and filled with our repair products. After our engineers gave the green signal, the resin floor was applied, which remains intact to this day, without any repair requirements.

For the waterproofing, there were many issues that had to be catered before application of waterproofing. There were certain repair works that needed to be rectified before starting the waterproofing coating. We used Cracks our specialist chemicals namely X4, RF4, and E1 for the purpose. A careful combination of repair mortars was used to rectify the leakage points in as little time as possible, with minimal cost. Even after the conclusion of the waterproofing coats, the efficacy was checked using a pond test. The total area that needed waterproofing was over 30,000 sq ft.