SEPCO III is a national level project at Port Qasim Karachi with 2 units of 660MW coal fired plants in Karachi. The construction of the project started in 2015 and concluded in 2018.

Project Requirements

The project involved several complexities, which include:

  1. The height of the cooling towers and chimneys needed to be fair faced
  2. Water tight concrete for sea water intake channels
  3. Heavy pressure resistance by concrete
  4. High flowable, high strength non-shrink grout

Proposed Solution

The requirements of the project were a real challenge and the approval process of the product was very complex, with high-level requirements that needed to be met without wasting time and spending more cost. For concrete to be fair faced and water tight, Vertex Chemicals used G909 admixture in bulk quantities, ensuring that it meets all the project requirements flawlessly.

Furthermore, non-shrink grout solutions were created using cementitious grout V1/50 that is workable as well as flowable with high strength  setting.

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