Pearl Continental Hotel is a luxury 5-star hotel located in the heart of the city of Lahore, the Mall road, near the Governor House. The history of our relation with Pearl Continental Hotels goes a long way back. Few of the works that are worth mentioning here are discussed below, however, the major projects besides several  other small projects that came under discussion include:

  1. Flooring in kitchen and chiller areas.
  2. Floor coating and line marking in the new parking area.

Project Requirements

The requirements of the flooring project were:

  1. Chiller areas with -10°C temperature
  2. Kitchen area where all foods are prepared with temperature up to 60-70°C
  3. The coving to make the corners of the rooms hygienic

Proposed Solution

Pearl Continental Hotel wanted to conform to international food hygiene standards. For that, we recommended the use of our PU Crete flooring range with antimicrobial properties to ensure utmost hygiene.

Further to the hygienic requirement, kitchens are subject to extreme temperatures from cooking and freezing. The first challenge was protecting the concrete from sub-zero temperature in the freezer areas. Sub-zero temperatures can have detrimental effects on the concrete and coatings. We recommended the use of a 9mm PUCRETE HF floor, a heavy duty antimicrobial PU floor that is capable of withstanding temperatures as low as -40 degree Celsius. The floor is applied as a screed, which shrinks upon curing and requires strict application protocol due to this unique challenge. On the other hand, the floor in the cooking areas is subject to high temperatures, particularly around the stove areas. We recommended the use of PUCRETE MF, which has been tried and tested in applications subject to up to 80 degree Celsius.

In line with the high standards of their kitchens, PC Hotel Lahore required a resin based flooring in their parking areas that would be the first customer touch point and commences their customer experience, on top of meeting technical and safety requirements. Our team applied an Epoxy coating system, to combine technical efficacy with aesthetics. Color combinations were created in liaison with the client to ensure that it offers a welcoming environment while ensuring safety. There were cracks on the floor that were treated quickly using a modified version of epoxy-based repair material EH 196 and were treated to ensure quick setting to save precious time. The small pinholes and floor depressions were treated using M4EP repair material.