Lahore airport is the second busiest airport in Pakistan and due to increased traffic. To accommodate the heavy population, the facility required a much larger parking area to meet its growing demands for decades to come.

Project Requirements

The new parking area spans __?___, over _?__ stories. The following requirements were given to Vertex Chemicals: 

  1. Providing Joint Sealant
  2. Waterproofing of the parking area roof
  3. Application of lane marking

Proposed Solution

First of all, the client required application of a resin based Joint Sealant. A major challenge was the size of the joint. It Was a little uneven and was up to 3 inches in width, which is comparatively higher than that for conventional application of resin based sealants. Furthermore, during the hot summer months, the temperature was excruciatingly hot, which made application cumbersome due to high temperature differences across the whole day, ranging from 30 degree Celsius to 50 degree Celsius. The client required the use of Polysulphide sealant and Vertex supplied PS-500, which fulfilled the application criteria with ease. Despite the high joint width, the sealant settled in well and formed an adequate bond, exhibiting excellent elastic properties to compensate for high temperature changes.

The client also required an economical solution that would last a long time, given that the roof was not intended to be used for parking. Seeing the large area and exposure to highly varying temperatures, our team recommended the use of RockSeal C7, a more flexible version of the standard RockSeal C3, with higher crack bridging properties.

Before getting handed over to Vertex, the project was already months behind schedule due to several preceding delays. As required by the client, the project had to be finished as soon as possible. Leveraging our state-of-the-art in house machinery from Klindex, our application team was able to complete the surface preparation of 325,000 SQFT within 2 weeks, with all the repair material applied in due course. This efficiency was even unexpected by the client. 

Next, the waterproofing coating was applied using spray methodology, across the whole surface. Boasting a specialist in-house application team, unlike any other company in Pakistan, our team was able to handle all the site challenges and uncertainties promptly, leveraging the best tools possible. 

Lastly, the lane marking had to be applied to define the parking area driveways, signs and parking bays. Our team suggested the use of EPOCOAT 888, which would fulfil the high mechanical requirements of a busy parking area, to ensure longevity. The product needed to be applied quickly to ensure the deadlines were met and so our team decided to go for brush application. This meant that the product needed to be altered to ensure cost effectiveness. Our in-house R&D team was able to do so in little time, in liaison with the application team, providing testament to having an integrated organizational structure.