The General Tyre and Rubber Company of Pakistan Limited is among the biggest tyre manufacturers in Pakistan. It came into existence in 1963, at Landhi Karachi. They produce tyres for cars, motorcycles, tractors, and heavy machinery.

Project Requirements

As part of their expansion, General tyres were setting up heavy production machinery, which required an expansion grout with characteristics to match. As a partnership with Continental tyres, it was required to meet stringent standards set out by their German counterparts for the following products: 

  1. Non-shrink grouts for machinery
  2. Waterproofing of roofs
  3. Joint sealant for expansion joints

Proposed Solution

The primary requisite was meeting the strength requirement for the non-shrink grouts. The client insisted on having several tests done both on and off-site. All these tests pointed consistently to one clear winner amongst all the competitors and Vertex provided the material for all the bases of all their new machinery.

A major challenge was the leakage and seepage from the roofs at various portions, spanning millions of square feet. As often the case with leakages, it is difficult, yet immensely important, to pinpoint all the sources of leakage, as waterproofing is a system as good as its weakest link. Our engineers meticulously inspected for potential sources of leakages, in the short amount of time prescribed by the client and rectifying them cost-effectively, given the scale of the job. Multiple site visits were arranged to find out the solutions to the problems & many issues were identified by Vertex Chemical’s team of engineers. Furthermore, it was identified that the expansion joints were also compromised from various points.

Our team worked tirelessly to propose a thorough solution that ably met all the rigorous performance criteria. Leveraging its in-house R&D and production facility, Vertex Chemicals, was able to design a new and unique product for the client called RockSeal C9 EP, in record time.

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