Bahria Icon Tower, an iconic project of Bahria Town Group, is a skyscraper complex located in the seaside municipality of Clifton in Karachi, Pakistan. The building comprises of a 62-storey tower, 300 metres (980 ft) in length, making it the tallest building in Pakistan and the second tallest in South Asia.

Project Requirements

The project had many arduous requirements, many of which were due to the scale of the project. First of all was the strength requirement of the concrete columns was 9000psi. Our team also had to keep in mind that the ready-mix site was 20Km away, on a high traffic route. Therefore, the concrete had to be workable after 2 hours of transportation from the ready-mix site, under very high temperature conditions. Furthermore, a good share of the building had fair face concrete.

Proposed Solution

The project was quite challenging, with a large number of contractors and consultants involved in looking after the design strategy and supervision tasks. Our team of engineers worked hand in hand with all stakeholders to devise the right blend of concrete admixtures for the job. Specifically, Naphthaplast G808 and Naphthaplast G909 were used to ensure optimum water reduction to achieve high strengths and pumpability.

Furthermore, Microsilica MS-85 was added to the mix design, which acts as a pozzolan and increases the strength of concrete. It was pertinent that consistency be achieved throughout the year and our team ensured that the admixtures were calibrated in accordance of the prevailing weather conditions to ensure that the requirements laid out by the consultants and contractors were achieved.