AkzoNobel is a Dutch multinational company that produces paints and performance coatings for both industrial and consumer uses, worldwide. The company has a global footprint with operations in more than 80 countries and employs over 46,000 people. The AkzoNobel Group acquired ICI in 2008 and emerged as an innovative brand with the combined expertise of both companies.

Project Requirements

AkzoNobel needed to refurbish the flooring of their storage and paint plant, to giving it an overhaul after years of daily demanding service and friction. They needed an expert team that offers a practical solution in terms of a smooth seamless floor that is hardwearing and reliable with anti-slip properties.

Proposed Solution

AkzoNobel was sure that Vertex Chemicals’ variety of products can ensure the highest-quality finished product that matches their requirement. As a pioneer of innovative flooring products in Pakistan, Vertex Chemicals has a reputation for supplying the best flooring systems across the country. Specialized for a wide range of application needs, Vertex Chemicals has developed its products keeping performance, maintaining technical and aesthetic standards, and sustains various environments, while keeping cost and time constraints in check.

AkzoNobel needed a sturdy floor for their storage room and the paint plant facility that houses heavy machinery that produces tons of paint every day. While comfort is not compromised either, Vertex Chemicals used Epocrete 110, which is a heavy-duty self-level epoxy floor system that has high mechanical strength and durability with good abrasion resistance. Moreover, the chemical resistance and impermeability to various chemicals make it an ideal choice for a flooring system in a paint plant. Epocrete 110 was used in combination with our seamless 3K polyurethane industrial flooring system PuCrete MF that has a smooth finish and has excellent chemical resistance to organic and mineral acids, petroleum oil, and solvents. Moreover, it has good thermal shock resistance and comes with non-tainting properties that make it perfect for use in a paint producing and storing facility.