Repair And Crack Injection

The degradation of concrete is largely affected by several factors including physical, chemical, and other environmental influences. Using our powerful repairing, strengthening, and protection systems, we select the product that best fits your needs in context of usability and technical properties. Vertex Chemicals not only has the experience but is equipped with the latest technology to get your construction assets back in perfect condition.

From cosmetic to structural repairs, we have complete range of high performance repair mortars for applications ranging from cosmetic to structural repairs. Our formulated range of products not only ensures high quality but also guarantees long-term repair and protection against decaying and damaged concrete structures. We follow a standardized system that begins with diagnosis of any underlying root cause of deterioration and damage, followed by a well-designed repair methodology that utilizes our best products for long-lasting structural integrity and protection.

Our primers, repair mortars, and fairing coats can redeem any structure’s original strength and resilience and safeguards against deterioration. Moreover, our injection resins, including epoxies and polyurethanes, completely seal cracks and spaces. Once injected, they penetrate deeply into the structure to completely fill the cracks to restore the load bearing capacity, structural integrity and improve protection against further ingression of water, caustic fluids, or any other.