Beginning of our journey, establishing Pagel Pakistan

It was 2007, our founders pursued a vision of building a solid foundation for Pakistan to grow by bringing global excellence in construction chemicals to the country. Pagel Pakistan was hence founded, under license of Pagel Spezial-Beton GMBH. During that time, Pakistan was experiencing an unprecedented period with industrialization and establishing of power projects, amid growing energy deficit. Our team stood up to the challenge by developing high performance grouts, supplied to some of the most vital structures that power the nation to this day.

And then, we began to expand!

Progressively, we leveraged our state-of-the-art R&D facility and global technology to continue developing more concrete related technologies, in conjunction with our German partners, using many of Pakistan’s untapped resources.

Driven by our ambition to create more potent solutions, we successfully expanded our products range with the addition of categories including concrete admixtures, plaster systems and repair products.

With the budding growth we were experiencing and the portfolio we created, we gained recognition as a holistic construction chemical manufacturer and supplied our products to some of the most iconic structures of Pakistan including Bahria Icon Tower, Tarbela Hydropower dam, SEPCO Coal powerplant, Gulpur Hydropower dam, Lahore Metro Bus, to name a few.

We became known as a major construction chemical player in the region and continued on our path towards growth!

Over almost a decade, we pursued an unwavering mission to build Pakistan. However, we realized that our initial vision when stepping in the field was to provide Pakistan with a platform to grow on through our own industry, our skills, and our own manpower.